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Are You Still Here

real audio                                                                                                             As we bleed for You
Are You awake?
Or standing far away?
As I breathe for You
What do You do for me?
I'm dying to see,
The reality of Your touch.

I was taught and I believe
That You made everything I see
But what do You do now?
Show me while I stand
Here in the midst of Your world
I'm bleeding, I'm breathing
To know that You are still here.

I just wanna be for You
But I'm struggling with this
I wanna be for You
Oh God, help me through this.

Are You still here?
Are You still here?
Are You still here?

I used to pray everyday
For Your guidance on my life
Have I walked away forever
Or am I Yours forever?
I love You, I know
You love me, You've shown
But I'm failing to see
That You are still here.

God, help me see You!