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Room One-Fifteen


Band Info

Room 115 began in 1998 in the little college town of Marshall, TX.  Stephen, from Frisco, TX, and Chris, from Houston, TX, were put in the same room (room 115) as freshmen at East Texas Baptist University.  In this room they realized they shared a love for music.  Stephen had written two songs, Agony and Join, but was unable to sing them.  Since Chris was, and still is, an amazing singer Stephen showed Chris the songs.  Shortly after, Chris and Stephen played Agony in a coffee house night on campus for their first ever performance.  After this experience the love for writing music together grew and new songs were added over the next months.  Soon the name Room 115, originally a joke, stuck.

After splitting up geographically the two have run into some unique situations.  When Stephen left for Hong Kong to attend HK Baptist University for the 1999-2000 school year Chris stayed back at ETBU.  Many of the songs written over this period were individually composed and recorded guitar first then vocals on the computer.  Stephen returned to the States in August of 2000 only to leave Texas again for yet another school, Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL.  Meanwhile, throughout his sophomore year Chris ganged up with three friends at ETBU to form a talented rock/alternative band, Briley.  With the constant distance it continues to be difficult for them to be a "real band."

However, in all this, Chris and Stephen have finished over 25 songs for the Room 115 repertoire.  The demo CD Simplistic was released in early 2000 as well.  The hope in selling this "rough" CD was to raise enough money to get into the studio.  Not enough money was raised, but the boys ended up recording three songs for free.  Two of which are on a compilation CD released in February of 2002.  Chris and Stephen have had some personal and logistical obstacles to battle in the last few years, but for now they are still "together" and hoping to create and play more music together.  If you get a chance to talk to Chris or Stephen about music you will notice that they are serious about making music for the rest of their lives, together or not.  Be sure to check out Chris' other project Briley.



<<< Chris - vocals, guitar               

                      Stephen - guitar >>>


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