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These are sites we recommend you visit.

- links -
Christian artists: Justin Nevins | MiRth | Briley
  Grounded317 | Red HeiferEv AngelSecond Son
  Makeshift3 | Mulligan

Secular artists: Midtown | Aventine | Aztec Trip
  Justin Rosolino | Ultimate Fakebook | Tracksuit

Stations: The Coolest Tunes on
  Room 115's Favorite Christian Songs
  College/University Bands | Christian Guitarists

- Christian Labels -
  Acappella Ministries | Blacklight Records
  Essential Records | Forefront Records
  Gotee Records | Myrrh Records | N-Soul Records
  Red Horse Records | Reunion Records
  Solid State Records | Sparrow Records
  Squint Entertainment | Tooth and Nail Records
  Word Records

- Guitar -
Rockin' with the Cross (tons of tabs)
  OLGA (On-Line Guitar Archive)