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- News and Whatnot -

In the Studio - We finally finished our work in the studio after many, many obstacles.  We are no longer planning a self-release demo, because two of our songs will be featured on a compilation CD due to come out in February.  Check back for updates and more details later. - The studio recording of Agony is now available in streaming audio at our site.  Other new additions to the song list uploaded for your listening enjoyment as well. 

Wanna see where we recorded?  take a peek>>

CD Release - Chris' other project, Briley, recently released a three song demo CD.  For more info visit the Briley website.  If you are in the North or East Texas region check out one of their shows.

Pictures - More studio pics of the last round of recording are almost here.  Check back again very soon.

"This site looks the same every time I visit.  What changes have been made recently?"

Room One-Fifteen is a two-piece acoustic guitar outfit originally from East Texas. The music is deep and real, sinking in from the full, soothing vocal lines of Chris Brockhan, to the innovative creativity booming forth from Stephen Callender's steady movement on the guitar.  All songs brush new colors to these two young men's lives, painting a vivid portrayal of their loves and passions, whether of or not of this world.

See bio page for more info>>

 Chris Brockhan      |     Stephen Callender
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